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As a child Brian Zebeaune quickly discovered a special connection to music. Walking past his dads small transistor radio he felt he could predict the notes in classical music, and later felt inspired by artists like Kiss, Cliff Richard, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, The Smiths, Depceche Mode and Nick Kershaw.

Brian Zebeaune Darkness
"How can you claim to be a light worker if you refuse to shine the light into the darkness and expose the hidden?"

By age 12 Brian Zebeaune was featured in a small local paper with his band 'The Spacemen', and at 14 recorded his first studio demo "Computer Celebration" along with his cousin Lars. By age 15 he spent a year as an exchange student in a small town outside Seattle getting his first experience of American culture.

“What people can’t understand about me is that I’m an agnostic. Show me the evidence and I’ll follow you straight to hell”
Brian Zebeaune Elevator

"The man who cannot be wrong, cannot find the truth". Brian Zebeaune is still as curious as we all were when we were born. "Believing powerful men can coordinate their efforts from behind closed doors, but rejecting the idea of conspiracies, is cognitive dissonance".

Brian Zebeaune Bass
“If you think you are never wrong, you are wrong”

Brian Zebeaune was always offended by the idea of getting a Record Deal (are you listening big 5?), but when the digital music revolution changed the industry and made it possible for the average songwriter to suddenly release music across the planet, the time had come for Brian Zebeaune to share his music with anyone out there who might be interested.

"Releasing a new song is like a message in a bottle, once I throw it into the waves, it's on it's own.”
Brian Zebeaune Play Bass

School captivated Brian Zebeaune from the start, but at age 14 he realized education was not the path he wanted to pursue. When his grade started slipping from top of the class, everyone was worried, except of course Brian Zebeaune. "I'll rather fail at pursuing my dreams, than be successful in giving them up". Let's see which way it goes. "In life you don't stand a chance, so take it".

Brian Zebeaune
“I got fired from a cleaning job, and decided to release my first single ...that'll teach 'em.”