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Born 1971 Brian Zebeaune quickly discovered music at a young age. Walking past his dads small transistor radio he felt he could predict the notes in classical music, and later felt inspired by artists like Cliff Richard, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Prince, David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Smiths, Kiss, Depceche Mode and Peter Gabriel.

Brian Zebeaune Darkness
"How can you claim to be a light worker if you refuse to shed light on darkness and expose the hidden?"

By age 12 Brian Zebeaune was featured in a small local paper with his band 'The Spacemen', and at 14 recorded his first studio demo "Computer Celebration" along with his cousin Lars. By age 15 he spent a year as an exchange student in a small town outside Seattle where he took part in American culture.

“Look, what people can’t understand about me is that I’m an agnostic. Show me the evidence and I’ll follow you straight to hell”
Brian Zebeaune Elevator
Brian Zebeaune Elevator
“If you're so clever you can't be fooled, you have fooled yourself”
“Once a song is released it becomes a message in a bottle and has to find it's own destiny on it's own.”
Brian Zebeaune Play Bass
Brian Zebeaune
“I got fired from a cleaning job, and it gave me time to release my first single ...that'll teach 'em.”